Top Fuel


Displays and Fire Ups
An Engine Fire-Up creates a rock concert atmosphere; they are exciting and raw and loud. For many, a Top Fuel Engine Fire-Up is a once in a lifetime experience. And our Fire-Ups elicit reactions - people respond with cheers and laughter and applause.
The atmosphere we create is relationship building and adds depth to your brand.
FIRE UP Video:

2015 Fire Up for Prostate Cancer Awareness Tailgate Party
Dark Side Racing invited 2 Calgary VIP's to sit in the cockpit for our September 2015 Fire-Up For Prostate Cancer Awareness Tailgate Party. Pictured below: Our awareness campaign reached new heights when Calgary Stampeders President Gord Norrie climbed into the cockpit for a Fire-Up. Calgary Philanthropist Brett Wilson also joined us at McMahon Stadium and climbed into the cockpit.
The ManVan was also on site as part of our display offering free PSA tests and Dark Side Racing fostered goodwill and strengthened community relations with our PROSTAID Calgary charity raffle.
‚ÄčOur event branding and event promotion services give you the freedom to collaborate with us or let us take the lead and organize everything you need to ensure the project is a success. You get noticed at a Dark Side Racing Display and Fire Up.

FUN FACT: The notion of "loudness equals greatness" pervades rock music and on July 15, 2009, in Ottawa, Canada, the band Kiss achieved an SPL of 136 dB measured during their live performance; A Top Fuel Dragster generates around 150Db of sound at full throttle. We've got this one hands down!